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Sony Unveils New Smart Earbuds With Siri & Google Assistant

Sony has unveiled its new wireless earbuds, the Xperia Ear Duo, at MWC 2018 – claimed to feature a “spatial acoustic conductor”, enabling music to “blend seamlessly” with external environment sounds.

Sony has informed Australian consumers to ‘stay tuned’, not officially ruling out whether the new earbuds will launch in Australian.

The Sony Xperia Ear Duo will land in the United States in May for US$279.99, and is available in Black and Gold.

Featuring ‘dual listening technology’ and support for Siri and Google Assistant, Sony claims sound is generated behind a user’s ear and “transmitted directly into the ear”.

“The Xperia Ear Duo doesn’t block the ear canal, so you can hear your music and the environment around you simultaneously. Even better, the volume automatically adjusts depending on your surroundings for an optimised audio experience”.

Similar to Apple’s wireless earphones, the AirPods, Sony’s Xperia Ear Duo earphones incorporate several gesture controls, allowing for music control via quick ‘taps’.

Head movements, such as nods and shakes, allow users to accept/decline phone calls.

Further product information is available in the video below:

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