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Sony SmartBand 2 Launches In Oz

Sony SmartBand 2 Launches In Oz

Sony’s SmartBand 2 activity tracker has landed in the local market, with Sony today advising that it is available now.

Sony describes the SmartBand 2 as “a multi-sensor lifelogger that provides full-scale insights about your fitness, well-being and stress levels”.

It features an accelerometer and heart rate sensors, which “work together to monitor pulse and heart rate variability”, and automatically tracks activities, such as walking and running, mapping heart-rate alongside each activity.

Sony states its Lifelog app helps users keep track of progress, providing comparative insights and motivational prompts based on activity.

Sleep insights are provided with automatic sleep detection, while a smart alarm clock function gently vibrates to wake users up at the best time based on their sleep-cycle.

Vibrating notifications and bright pulsing RGB LEDs alert users to calls and messages, while users can also control music on their smartphone or tablet.

When paired with an Xperia smartphone or tablet, the SmartBand 2 will vibrate to alert the user when they are more than 10 metres from the connected device.

Sony states that the SmartBand 2 reaches full battery capacity in around one hour, lasting up to two days, while, with durable silicone casing and IP68 waterproofing, it “can be worn anywhere and everywhere”.

Available in black and white at launch, the SmartBand 2 is available from JB Hi-Fi for $199 RRP.


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