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Sony Rolls Out Android 10 For Select TV Models

Sony is upgrading 2018, 2019, and 2020 OLED and LCD TV models from Android 9 to Android 10, as well as adding new features.

Currently, the firmware update is available in North America and Asia, with Europe coming soon. There is no word yet on a roll out to other nations.

Apart from an upgrade to Android 10, there are new features including ‘Living Decor,’ which is a “function that allows your TV to be used as a photo frame, clock, or to look like a part of an interior.”

The settings menu will also gain a new layout, along with some renaming of setting options.

Once the update is completed, users will be able to control and update compatible Sony soundbars, straight from the settings menu.

This is a gradual roll out, which normally takes several months for new firmwares to reach all compatible models worldwide. To see if it’s available on a TV, the user just need to look for the update in the update menu, or download it directly from a local Sony support site. This would be installed via a USB stick.

Android 10 is not the most recent version for TV, as most of the company’s 2023 models are also running Android 10. The only one not is the A95L QD-OLED, which is the first model to use the MediaTek Pentonic 1000 chip, which comes with Android 12 preloaded.

See below a list of the applicable models for the Android 10 update:

Android TV | Google TV (LCD)

  • XG85xx – X85xxG – U8G Series (55, 65, 75, 85)
  • XG95xx – X95xxG Series
  • XH80xx – X80xxH – X81xH Series
  • XH81xx Series
  • XH85xx – X85xxH – XH91xx Series
  • XH95xx – X95xxH Series (49, 85)
  • XH95xx – X95xxH Series (55, 65, 75)
  • Z8H – ZH8 Series
  • Z9F – ZF9 Series
  • Z9G – ZG9 Series
  • Z9H Series

Android TV | Google TV (OLED)

  • A8x – A8H Series
  • A9F – AF9 Series
  • A9G – AG9 Series
  • A9 – A9S Series

See below the new features and changes that come with Android 10:

Menu And Interface Changes:

  • The Settings menus will be located on the left side of the screen, and details of selected content will be displayed on the right side.
  • Some setting names and locations will also be changed.

New & Enhanced Features:

  • Living Decor allows the TV to be used as a photo frame, clock, or to look like a part of the interior. It can be started from the list of apps.
  • Alarms are added to timer functions and will be able to display a clock on the screen. These can also be selected from the list of apps.
  • Note: For OLED models, to reduce image retention, the clock can’t be displayed all the time.

TV Menu Improvements:

  • On the remote and from the TV menu, use the up arrow button to register favourite channels.
  • Name change in the LED indicator settings. This also enables easy turn on/off Voice Function LED.
  • For TVs with a built-in MIC: The current setting name under the LED indicator is changed to Voice detection status. The menu path is: Settings > System > LED indicator > Voice detection status.
  • Note: For XBR X95H (55, 65, 75) and Z8H series, after the update, the Voice Function LED can be turned off by disabling the Voice detection status.
  • Voice Function LED (bottom of TV, slightly left of center)
  • Enabled Soundbar or Home Theater System control from the TV (HT-A7000/A5000/A3000/A9 models only)

If the user has a supported soundbar model or Home Theater System, they will gain the ability to use the following features:

  • Control from TV Quick Settings (Except for HT-A3000): Setting items for the Soundbar/Home Theater System will be displayed in Quick Settings. The settings can be changed from the UI of the TV.
  • Easy Wi-Fi settings: Wi-Fi settings can easily be set for the applicable Soundbar/Home Theater System, and are copied from the TV.
  • Software update notifications for the Soundbar/Home Theater System will appear on the TV screen.


  • TV Control Setup with the Amazon Alexa app will be replaced with TV Control with Smart Speakers app.
  • If the TV Control Setup with the Amazon Alexa app has already been used to control the TV, it can still be used and will coexist with the newly added TV Control with Smart Speakers app.
  • If the user wants to link the TV to the Amazon Alexa for the first time, the must use the TV Control with Smart Speakers app after the update.
  • Note: Availability of this function may vary depending on country/region.

Functional Changes:

  • Restricted profile in the Security & restrictions sections under Device Preferences will no longer be supported after the update. It’s recommended to use the Parental controls function for safe apps and video streaming services.
  • Follow these steps to set the Parental controls: On the supplied remote, press the (Quick Settings) button, then select Parental controls.
  • The following Parental control features can be set – Restrict TV channels and use of external inputs, restrict use of apps, restrict TV usage time.

BRAVIA Sync function:

  • After the update, the Sync Menu won’t be shown from the Quick Settings menu anymore.
  • To operate BRAVIA Sync-compatible devices from the TV, on the remote, use the INPUT button to select the device.

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