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Sony Reveals New 25-Hour Party Speaker

Sony has unveiled a new party speaker to its lineup, the SRS-XV500, which becomes the most affordable and boasts a long-lasting battery life, karaoke, and light show features.

With its added 25-hour battery life and quick charge feature, which provides two and a half hours playback from 10 minutes charging, this new party speaker is major competition against JBL and LG.

It measures 10.6-inches x 22-inches x 11.5-inches, and weighs roughly 11.2KG. Sony’s X-Balanced speaker unit is made up of two tweeters and two 5.5-inch, noncircular woofers.

Sony says these produce “deeper, punchier bass with less distortion and greater vocal clarity”  by maximising the area of the speaker diaphragm. A Mega Bass button, along with Live Sound Mode also help with this. Power output details have yet to be released.

The speaker comes with Bluetooth 5.2, meaning users can stream from smartphones, computers, or other Bluetooth devices.

The announcement by Sony didn’t mention details regarding Bluetooth codec support, but it’s likely to support SBC and AAC at the bare minimum.

The speaker can also be paired with other Party Connect compatible speakers.

It includes two microphone inputs, one mic-only input which features echo sounds and a key control mode for tuning music, and one input which can be used for a second microphone or a guitar.

It’s also compatible with Sony’s Music Center and Fiestable apps, which allow users to create playlists and adjust the sound and DJ controls.

User can also play with the karaoke features, and party light features.

The XV500 Party Speaker is IPX4 splashproof rated, and is available now on Sony’s website, retailing for A$399.99.

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