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Sony Makes It Even Harder To Buy A PS5 In Australia

The Sony PlayStation 5 has been plagued by supply shortages since its launch, with the majority of gamers unable to get their hands on a console for the past twelve months.

Now, it is going to be even harder to get a PS5, as Sony has reduced its production outlook for the current financial year by a million units, dropping targets from 16 million units to 15 – making its sales target of 14.8 million by March an impossibility.

Sony’s CFO Hiroki Totoki told investors last month that PS5 sales for the September quarter were “weaker than expectations” due to the pandemic and component shortages.

With such shortages remaining for the foreseeable future, global shipping issues, Australia’s bad port reputation, and Sony reducing production even further, the odds of any extra consoles making it all the way to Australia are zero to none.

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