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Sony Introduces New VR Attraction For Games

Sony has plans of opening a VR attraction in Tokyo, where visitors will get the opportunity to experience ‘Demon Slayer’ and other content through the latest VR and sound technology. 

Animation, music, and games will be featured in what will be the first time Sony owned content is brought together at a venue.  

The site will be around 1,200sqm and is tipped to open next year as part of a redevelopment project, within the Kyobashi district of Tokyo, Japan.  

The project will be overseen by Sony Creative Products, and an admission fee is yet to be disclosed.

As well as animation, Sony’s portfolio also includes content ranging from the Yoasobi pop music duo to the Gran Turismo racing simulation game.  

This new venue is reaching for cooperation from TV broadcasters and publishing companies, and has plans to handle content from Japanese companies. 

The company’s technology will be used for video and audio at the site, with a plan to combine 3D images that look real to the naked eye, with headphones allowing the user to hear sound in three dimensions. 

The floor is expected to vibrate in time with images, and nonvisual details including breeze will be incorporated. The plan is to create an immersive experience that’s as good as a theme park. 

Many content companies are currently competing to maximise the value of their intellectual property, which includes animation, movies, and games. 

Nintendo has a specific area at Universal Studios Japan, which features Super Mari, and in June, an affiliate of Warner Bros. opened a “Harry Potter” attraction in Tokyo’s Nerima Ward. 

It was reported Japan’s content industry reached a record high last year of 13.2 trillion yen, which was up 4.5% from the year before. 

Entertainment-related business is a huge revenue source for Sony, and games, music, and movies all account for the majority of total sales.  

The company has also had a go at operating Tokyu Kabukicho Tower, which opened in April, and provided intellectual property including ‘Ghostbusters’ to a theme park which opened in 2022. 

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