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Sony Celebrates PS4 Sales By Playing More Games

Sony is running a promotion in belated celebration of the PlayStation 4 passing 100 million units sold. 

The promotion is aimed at celebrating the players, says Sony, and encourages PS4 owners to participate by playing games and earning trophies. The promotion builds on the long-standing PS4 marketing line of “For the players.” 

Running from today until 15 March, Sony will be tracking how many games are played and how many trophies are earned, with prizes awarded to the PS4 community when three target goals are reached. 

Prizes include a real-life PlayStation Platinum Trophy engraved with your PSN ID, PlayStation Store vouchers, voucher codes for selected PS4 games, PSN themes and PSN avatar images. 

Players can sign up to participate in the promotion here.

We reported back in October last year that the PS4 had sold 100m units, making it the second best-selling home console behind the PS2 (155 million) and fourth best-selling games console overall. Two Nintendo handheld consoles, the DS (154m) and Game Boy/Game Boy Color (119m), have outsold the PS4 to date. 


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