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Sony Announce Huge New Full Frame Lenses

Sony has announced the longest prime lens yet for its full-frame mirrorless cameras as it faces pressure from Panasonic’s introduction of a similar line.

As Panasonic begins pushing out its new Lumix S line, Sony has continued expanding the optical offerings for its A7 and A9 series cameras.

The company’s new FE 600mm F4 GM OSS is a super-telephoto prime lens targeted at professional sports, news and wildlife photographers.

Sony promises fast and accurate autofocus through the use of two “extreme dynamic” linear motors in the lens taking advantage of the autofocus systems in its new full-frame E-mount cameras.

Weighing in at a touch over 3kg, Sony claims its new lens is the lightest full-frame 600mm F4 lens, using magnesium alloy to minimise weight and shifting a number of lens elements to the back to improve balance.

The lens is also dust and moisture resistant, with coating to protect from dust and fingerprints on the front element.

It’s the 10th addition to Sony’s flagship G Master lens series, and will almost definitely be the most expensive, but pricing is yet to be confirmed.

Sony has also announced a 200mm-600mm zoom lens with an aperture range of F5.6 to F6.3.

Both lenses feature 11-blade circular aperture mechanisms for improved bokeh, and are compatible with Sony’s 1.4x and 2.0x tele-converters.

The lenses are due to release in Australia this August.

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