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Sony And Google Team Up To Bring 360 Reality Audio To Android

Since its launch in late 2019, Sony’s immersive 360 Reality Audio has been slow to infiltrate the market, launching with just 1,000 compatible songs, and only through Tidal, Amazon Echo, and various Sony audio hardware products.

360 Reality Audio aims to replicate the live music experience, using spatial audio technology to map the distance and angle that various sounds hit our ears, using acoustic and physiological studies to mirror a real-world experience.

New Android code, spied by XDA Developers, reveals that Google and Sony are working together to bring 360 Reality Audio to Android devices.

The code specifically references 360 Reality Audio, adding support for MPEG-H 3D format to Android’s MPED4Extractor system, and even includes a quote from Sony engineer Kei Murayama: “This is one of the patches mentioned in the meeting ‘Android OS 360RA support’ between Google and Sony.”

In addition, the code referred this technology will include a virtualiser that can mimic 360 audio on “any headphones.”

Since the almost-18 months since 360 Reality Audio launched, only 4,000 tracks support the technology.

“360 Reality Audio is a proof point that innovation never stops,” Sony Electronics (North America) president and COO Mike Fasulo said at the time of launch.

“The confluence of deep technical roots, tireless artists and forward-thinking hardware and semiconductor partners illustrates the tremendous draw of this radical new way to make music even more moving.

“Together with valued industry partners, Sony has architected the most powerful, realistic music experience for listeners and a new medium for artists to create.”

With Android support, expect 360 Reality Audio to become a very big deal.

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