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Sonus Faber Expands Lumina Speaker Range

Sonus Faber is broadening its collection of Lumina speakers with two new additions, the Lumina II Amator bookshelf speaker, and the Lumina V Amator floorstander.

The new models keep the range’s simple, minimalist design, but with some added Italian flair, and key technical upgrades.

The Lumina II Amator is a pair of bookshelf speakers, whereas the V Amator is a floorstanding speaker. Both have been made with natural materials, including all-new wood front panels, and a glossy veneer finish that comes in three colours.

Both models have the same DNA as other versions, including the same damped tweeters, with each drive unit equipped with Sonus Faber’s proprietary natural fibre and paper blend air dried diaphragm.

Lumina II Amator

They each boast improvements in components of crossover networks, to deliver what Sonus Faber claims will be a “breathtaking performance” from almost any position in a room.

The company’s dedicated circuitry and filter designs are copied from other existing lines for “greater resolution and more rigorous and coherent reproduction.”

However, there are some key differences when compared to other speakers. Each Lumina II Amator features a 29mm tweeter and a 15cm paper cone mid-woofer.

The Lumina V Amator has a vented box design, housing three drive units in the shape of a 29mm tweeter, a 15cm mid-range, and two 16.5cm woofers.

Lumina V Amator

Both products will be available in Europe from December 2023, and globally from January 2024, in glossy red, glossy wenge, or glossy walnut colours.

The Lumina II Amator will retail for £1299 / €1499 / U$1499 per pair, and the Lumina V Amator will retail for £2999 / €3499 / U$3499 per pair. Australian pricing has yet to be revealed.

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