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Sonos To Sell Cheap Soundbar As They Go After New Customers To Sell Them A Subscription

Sonos who are looking to build their customer base, so that they can sell monthly content subscriptions, is set to launch a bog standard soundbar called the Sonos Ray.

Devoid of technology found in their last soundbar release, the new audio offering is set to sell in Australia for sub $450.

The Ray is the company’s cheapest soundbar and comes as the Company moves to build out a content subscription strategy and to do this the US business needs to get access to as many customers as they can, resulting in the development of entry level products.

The Verge reports that some features will be missing as result of the drop in price, such as the ability to play Dolby Atmos soundtracks.

It’s also more compact in size than the Beam 2 and sports an elliptical, horizontal shape that bears resemblance to the Beam 2 with its design language and front-facing grille.

Sono’s designers have designed their new offering so that it can be used horizontal or vertical orientation in addition the two Ray speakers could be partnered with the bigger Arc or the Beam to act as a rear channel.

Optimised to work in a vertical orientation, its slanted side drivers will fire Atmos soundtracks to the ceiling in an effort to improve the quality of the audio.

Dolby Atmos won’t be supported, so it won’t be playing object-based audio tracks through up-firing or virtual processing.

It’s also set to be devoid of an HDMI output to connect to a TV instead Sonos is set to include a digital optical connection cable in the pack.

There are also no internal microphones, so they’ll be no voice assistance, mirroring the Sonos One SL and Roam SL models.

If voice assistance is required, a compatible speaker would need to be connected to the Ray.

Sonos at this stage is refusing to comment on the new soundbar despite images being leaked.

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