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Sonos Pay $134M Cash To Buy Out Sound Company

In a cash only deal, US sound Company Sonos has forked out $134 million to buy out Dutch Company Mayht, who created a new type of speaker technology that makes it possible to pack a lot more sound into small spaces.

Sonos shares rose on the news with CEO Patrick Spence, set to use the Companies May financially briefing to update investors on the acquisition.

ChannelNews saw the technology at this year’s CES and the real big saving is power management after the Company created a new type of transducer that is smaller and lighter with the Company claiming they are still able to deliver high quality audio output.

Ironically, their comparison demo was up against a Sonos speaker with the Dutch Company claiming that that their technology delivered a “superior sound”.

One observer said today “Maybe it’s a case of if you can’t beat them buy them”.

“Mayht’s breakthrough in transducer technology will enable Sonos to take another leap forward in our product portfolio,” said Spence.

“This strategic acquisition gives us more incredible people, technology and intellectual property that will further distinguish the Sonos experience, enhance our competitive advantage, and accelerate our future roadmap.”

Currently the Company manufactures a solar speaker that houses the technology.

At CES Matthias Scheek, Mayht’s CEO said “We can finally show our technology in many different kinds of applications, from soundbars to small subwoofers to small voice assistants’ speakers, which we believe will disrupt the markets because if, say, an Echo Dot can have the same sound as the Sonos One, or a soundbar, without requiring a subwoofer… It makes a big change in the market,”

In the past the Company said that they never intended to produce speakers but they would licence or sell the technology.

Mayht claims that speaker drivers have remained the same for a 100 years, until now.

Mayht’s revolutionary Heartmotion speaker technology will turns the industry on its head, setting new standard for compact size and high performance.

The technology is protected by over 80 patents and patent applications.

“By completely re-inventing the core of the speaker driver, it is finally possible to rethink every form factor, unconstrained by traditional size to performance limitations. Over 10x more compact, flatter, lightweight audio – from Automotive to Consumer Audio – without compromising on sound quality and maximum output” the Company claims.

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