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Sonos Looking For New PR Manager Have To Be “Comfortable Making Mistakes”

Sonos is looking for a new (Contractor) PR manager for Australia and New Zealand a key criteria appears to be “differing opinions” and “A unique point of view”.

The role was formerly held by Philipa Thomas who made a name for herself by demanding that media organisations such as ChannelNews take down stories that she did not agree with.

She also denied media organisations access to review units when media organisations broke stories ahead of a Sonos launch despite their being no none disclosure contract in place.

Back in 2018 ChannelNews broke the story that Sonos who have struggled to make a profit in the networked audio market had dumped PR agency Webber Shandwick in favour of PR agency Hidden Characters.

Former Twitter Account Image Of Phillipa Thomas, the Twitter account and image has since been deleted. Thomas claimed that she invested heavily in the wine and coffee market”. Maybe the new appointee needs to back off on the coffee and wine.

Thomas threw a hissy fit and not only threatened ChannelNews she resorted to personal insults in demanding that we take the story down as “friends of hers worked at Webber Shandwick”.

Apparently, the decision to appoint a new agency was taken at a global level. We chose not to.

see story here.

The outburst by Thomas came 12 months after Interrepublic PR Agency Weber Shandwick tried to nobble ChannelNews for revealing the launch of a new Sonos Soundbar two months ahead of the official launch.

See original story here.

On this occasion Thomas is believed to have instructed the PR agency to not only deny us access to a pre briefing but access to embargoed press releases.

The move did not stop us breaking the local story along with local pricing.

In an advertisement on LinkedIn Sonos has moved to hire a PR specialist on a fixed term.

The contractor will work with the global PR team and be responsible for leading our media relations efforts in the “cluster markets of ANZ”.

Reporting to the Marketing Director APAC, you will work closely with the Managing Director ANZ-SEA and the broader ANZ team to continue to build a strong music and culture-centric brand, as well as maintaining and expanding our product reputation amongst the consumer technology, lifestyle media and blogger community.

Sonos are also asking the new appointee to “Come with new ideas and a unique point of view”.

It appears that the new applicant has to “Welcome a healthy debate and embrace differing opinions”.

They also appear to have to follow in Thomas’s footsteps and be “comfortable making mistakes because you learn from them and bounce back quickly”.

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