The rollout was announced today, with the app previously only offering brands and Snap Stars to add links to their profile bios, but now any Snapchat user with a public account will gain the ability, along with being able to add a badge to the landing page with a customised line of text.

Users can add a Linktree or single URL by editing their profile, and choosing “Website or Linktree.”

Linktree is currently offering three months of the Pro version free, allowing access to data analytics tools, the ability to sell merchandise on the landing page, and additional aesthetic features.

Linktree became prominent on Instagram with many users saying “Link in bio!” in their captions, then add a single link to the bios, to which Linktree was the best solution to present followers with multiple destinations.

In April, it was revealed users would be able to add as many as five links to their bios, negating the need for Linktree.

Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that upping the number of links in user bios was one of the most requested features.