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Snap Move On AR Advertising Ahead Of IPO


The developers of the popular Snapchat app are continuing their offensive of innovation ahead of an expected IPO float in March with a new update for the company’s premiere app set to open up new channels of advertising using augmented or mixed reality.

According to reports out of The Information, the company is experimenting with new “smarter” Snapchat Lenses that will overlay images and advertisements onto a variety of real-world objects.

What’s more, it’s presumed that those advertisements can be configured and targeted based on user data.

Some have speculated that it could even create a framework and opportunity for companies to create lenses that interact with their physical storefronts.

Alongside the targeted rollout of their Spectacles and the announcement that Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lyndon will be jumping on-board as chairman, it’s another clear effort to ensure their coming IPO is as big as possible.

Reports say the company will go public about its IPO plans as soon as this week, with shares to be offered in March.

Analysts expect it to be the biggest tech float since rival Facebook.

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