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Smart TVs and Speakers Sales Peak

A new survey has found that he sales of smart TVs and speakers have surged in the US and it all thanks to the pandemic.

The latest Consumer Insights Dashboard  reported a rise in the number of smart TVs and smart speakers purchased at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Smart TVs stood at 56 percent while smart speakers was at 53 percent.

“Big announcements in the smart TV space by Amazon and Comcast are evidence of where the home entertainment market is headed,” Park Associates senior analysts Paul Erickson was reported as saying to Twice. 

“TVs are now consumers’ most common video centrepiece in the home, and technology powerhouses are vying to own this point of entertainment aggregation — and all the data that goes with it — by controlling the platform itself.

“Smart TVs are now seen as a key anchor device for ecosystem penetration into today’s broadband households.”

The surveys had analysed 10,000 U.S. broadband households to track consumer adoption of home devices and services. 

The survey reports the purchases of such smart devices elevated at the start of the year when most of the states in the US was experiencing a lockdown of sorts.  


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