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Sharp TVs Coming Back To OZ, New Voice Activated Microwaves

Sharp, which is set to launch TVs back into the Australian market this year via Sydney based distributor Tempo, has just released a new generation of microwaves featuring Wi-Fi connectivity and certified “Works with Alexa” compatibility for hands-free operation.

At this stage it’s not known when the new Sharp microwaves will be released in Australia with retailers reporting increased demand for the Japanese designed microwave products, that are now distributed in Australia by Tempo who is shortly set to announce they have secured the rights to another major appliance brand.

The Japanese Company has worked with Amazon, to fine-tuned their best-selling Orville Redenbacher countertop microwave ovens to include Alexa voice commands.

“Using the Alexa app or an Alexa-enabled device, you can now use your voice to start or stop the microwave, add time to the current cooking cycle, or even cook at a specific power level to make operating your Sharp Smart Countertop Microwave Oven simpler,” said Jim Sanduski, President of Sharp USA.

For example, just say, “Alexa, defrost 3 kilo. of meat,” and Alexa will start defrosting at the appropriate time and power settings. Our wide selection of Alexa commands takes the guesswork out of cooking.” he said.

Currently Tempo is working with Sharp on a new 2021/2022 range.

The new US Sharp SMC1139FS model, incorporates over 30 voice commands, and 10 food presets available by voice command. Users can upgrade to software delivering 70 voice commands, and 50 more food presets.

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