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Sharp To Showcase Various New Products At CES

Sharp are set to reveal a range of new products at CES 2024 next week, including smart home technology, home appliances, smart displays, cameras, among others.

Using the theme ‘Toward the Future for a Better Life,’ attendees at Sharp’s booth will get the chance to explore technologies that were first introduced at Sharp Tech-Day in Tokyo last November.

The booth will feature a Smart Living exhibit relating to new technologies that are said to enhance daily life. Central in this display will be the CE-LLM (Communication Edge-LLM) AI technology, which powers a virtual tour guide that can engage visitors with interactive conversations.

Highlighted will be a High-Speed Oven, complete with proprietary Quad Heating technologies. It combines the first gold carbon heater for charcoal grill flavour, convection circulation, inverter control microwave, and cooking control, reducing cooking time to as little as 1/3 of a conventional home oven.

There will also be some new hair dryers and vacuum cleaners on display, designed to operate at or near 50db, as well as non-contact vital sign sensors, and the world’s smallest vital sign sensors for wearable devices.

The booth will also see new camera technology, featuring polymer lenses and support for XR technology, XR glasses, as well as AI powered visual representations of business conversations.

Additionally, the AI Olfactory Sensor was designed with a target detection limit of 0.1ppb (parts per billion). Visitors will see how the sensor detects subtle differences between wine varieties.

Also displayed will be an IMS (ion mobility spectrometry) gas analysis device, which uses atmospheric electron release technology.

The company will also introduce a safe driving support system, complete with a mini camera and LCD, tuned to identify situations where the driver can’t keep a consistent line of sight. The monitor can also detect drowsiness, unresponsiveness, and distracted driving.

There will also be a Sustainability exhibit, which will include Reflective LCD signage for outdoor use and ePoster colour electronic paper displays with low power consumption. Demonstrated with a battery-free TV remote featuring an LC-LH device will be an indoor photovoltaic device LC-LH, which uses indoor light for more efficient power generation.

Finally, the company will unveil its Space Solar Sheet, which is a thin, lightweight, flexible next-gen solar cell module.

CES attendees, media, and industry professionals are invited to Sharp’s booth 17229, Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center. Please note: booth information may be subject to change.

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