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Scepticism Grows Around 2026 Launch Of Foldable iPhones

Much has been speculated across mainstream media about the plans that Apple has for its foldable iPhones.

Now some reports, indicate that the launch date for that device has been pushed from 2026 to 2027 – although there is scepticism among some analysts that the project might be scrapped altogether.

Other reports note that Apple has undergone an internal personnel reshuffle. Staff who previously worked on the Vision Pro have now been reportedly sent to work on foldable devices instead.

Apple is rumoured to be in the early stages of developing two top-down flip smartphones. South Korea’s Samsung Securities anticipates that the foldable iPhone will feature a 6-inch external display and an 8-inch main display, while also leaving open the possibility of Apple launching a left-right fold product.

Apple is reported to be discussing supply orders with LG Display (LGD) and Samsung Display (SDC). Its requirements for panel specifications include a thickness that’s half of the current iPhones and a completely smooth folding crease.

Apple (Image: Sourced from Unsplash)

It is also believed to be actively applying for patents related to foldable displays, such as embedded flexible panels within the phone to minimise fold axis creases.

In addition, Apple plans to fill displays with polymer materials such as silicone or acrylate to reduce light reflection issues.

In addition to the foldable iPhone, Apple is also supposedly working on a folding iPad which will be approximately the size of its iPad Mini and feature an 8-inch screen.

While analysts are excited at the prospect of these devices which are, at best, several months away from full-fledged production, Apple is known to abandon projects that it no longer sees a future for within its company – as has been reported to be the case for its car and in-house 5G modem programmes.

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