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Savings Increase As Mobile Phone Costs Rise

July 1st saw millions of Telstra customers hit with price hikes on plans of up to $6.00 a month, with prepaid plans rising between $2.00 and $5.00 for 28 day recharges.

Telstra owned Belong, along with Telstra powered Boost Mobile say similar rises.

Vodafone’s minimum plan rose from $40.00 to $45.00 a month in March, and Optus’ last price increase was by $4.00 last July.

It was revealed that large phone companies typically charge more.

Spokesman for Whistleout, Alex Choros said, “No one loves a price rise, especially in the current economic climate. At the very least, Telstra’s price rise shouldn’t have been too surprising to customers. As of last year, all of Telstra’s upfront plans have come with a disclaimer that the price may rise each year in July, in line with CPI.”

“A $30 plan on a Telstra network provider like Tangerine should be pretty similar to a $30 plan from another Telstra network provider – Superloop, for example. The big benefit of smaller providers is that while you’re looking at spending at least $62 per month for a Telstra postpaid plan, these smaller providers have options under $30 per month, with different data options.”

“For example, Tangerine has a $29.90 per month plan with 32GB of data powered by the Telstra network. Alternatively, you can pay $34.90 per month for a 42GB plan on Tangerine, which is much more affordable than Telstra’s 50GB $62 plan.”

Telstra’s plan however, has premium inclusion, like perks program, roaming, and more unlimited call options.

Some other tips include:

• Matching your plan to your usage – don’t pay for a 100GB mobile plan if you only use 10GB per month.

• Considering buying a phone outright rather than via a plan, giving you flexibility and an ability to switch.

• Changing plans every six to 12 months, as many providers offer discounts to new customers for an initial period.

“If you own your own phone, consider a smaller provider. While Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone are the big names, smaller providers like amaysim, Boost Mobile, and felix mobile are powered by exactly the same mobile networks, and often have more affordable options,” he said.

It was reported that most plans now include unlimited calls and text to Aussie numbers, with key differences being data, entertainment packs, and international calls and texts. There are recommendations to compare between providers before making a decision.

“Comparison websites can be useful, but they are businesses and may make money through promoted links. They may not cover all your options.”

Telco More has also announced there are savings available.

CEO Andrew Branson claims consumers of big telcos pay for things they don’t need or want, “and are often subsidising their big-spending marketing budgets.”

“Lock-in contracts are very 2000, so it’s fair that customers are opting for flexible plans that can be upgraded, downgraded or switched as needed. Consumers can unlock the door to savings by taking advantage of welcome offers and promotions such as double data.”

“Consumers should calculate the costs to buy a handset outright – this gives them more options when it comes to choosing a mobile provider … it’s an upfront investment that can lead to long-term savings and reduced monthly bills.”

Wesley Pearson, a CommBank customer claims he saved around $30 a month switching to More.

“I got the same plan that I was on with another provider for what I thought to be a much more reasonable price. I made the switch as I was looking to save and cut down my expenses.”

It has been reported, consumers should weigh the following features prior to changing plans:

• Contract length – usually 12, 24 or 36 months.

• The new provider’s network coverage, ensuring it delivers service where you live and work.

• The cost of a new phone if included in the plan.

• Minimum total cost over the length of the contract.

• Data allowances that deliver what you want, plus additional data costs.

• How much you will be charged for making calls overseas.

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