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Samsung’s New Fridges, Thinner Walls For More Space

Samsung has unveiled the RB7300, a new bottom-mount refrigerator that features SpaceMax Technology. This tech allows the interior walls of the fridge to be much thinner – thanks to its high-efficiency insulation – providing a greater internal capacity of 385L, which is 18L larger than the previous model.

“This feature is especially welcome now, as grocery-shopping habits are changing; people are reducing trips to the shop to purchase large quantities of groceries at a time, shopping online more, and seeking out ready-to-cook meal kit solutions to minimise food preparation,” stated Samsung.

“All these trends lead to the need for greater efficiency when it comes to storage space in refrigerators.”

Samsung’s new refrigerator features an Optimal Fresh+ box that serves as adjustable. Users can either split the drawer into two zones with different temperatures or use it as one.

It also features Samsung’s All Around Cooling and Metal Cooling to deliver premium freshness. It is aesthetically pleasing too, with a stainless-steel finish and a sleek flat front.

The compressor in this bottom-mount fridge from Samsung can automatically adjust its speed based on cooling demand across seven levels, thereby requiring less energy, minimising noise and reducing unnecessary wear and tear for long-lasting performance.

Local pricing and availability have not yet been confirmed.

Samsung RB7300 refrigerator

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