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Samsung’s 2021 LED Wall Now Available For Oz Businesses

The 2021 version of Samsung’s modular LED display, The Wall, is now available for Australian businesses.

Featuring 8K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, the 2021 Wall’s modular design means it can be installed in a variety of positions, including convex, concave, ceiling, L-type, hanging, and inclined, and is aimed at retail and commercial settings.

It comes equipped with Micro HDR, as well as four picture-by-picture screens which can be displayed simultaneously in 4K.

According to Philip Gaut, Senior Director of Display and Memory Solutions at Samsung Australia, the new 2021 Wall is driving innovation in LED screens.

“The Wall is a unique technology that delivers a stunning picture, and will be offered in customisable formats.

“The Wall propels LED display technology into new realms of possibility by providing businesses with the opportunity to visually enhance, and completely transform spaces, such as lobbies, boardrooms, and showrooms,” he said.

The Wall (2021 model) is available now via Samsung.

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