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Samsung To Use Recycled Fishing Nets In Galaxy S22s

Samsung are moving steaming ahead with their sustainability strategy, with the announcement they will be using ocean-bound plastics such as discarded fishing nets in their upcoming Galaxy S devices.

This is all part of their efforts to minimise their “environmental footprint and help foster more sustainable lifestyles for the Galaxy community.”

Also known as “ghost nets”, the repurposed ocean-bound plastic will become part of the new product lineup under its Mobile Experience division, starting with the new Galaxy devices set to be announced at the Unpacked event this week.

Discarded fishing nets account for 640,000 tons of waste each year, which is a major threat to the environment, damaging coral reefs, trapping marine life and even making its way into the food chain.

If this waste material is used for a positive cause it is an obvious plus for global sustainability.

The move fits in with Samsung’s goal to ditch single-use plastics for packaging and incorporate recycled material in all new mobile devices by 2025, as a way to combat the climate crisis.

“These discarded fishing nets are disrupting the delicate balance of our environment at an alarming rate,” the company says, adding that repurposing them “are vital first steps in keeping our oceans clean as well as preserving the planet and our collective future.”

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