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Samsung To Launch One UI 5 Android 13 Update In October

Android 13 is about to finally make its way to Samsung phones, with the imminent release of the company’s One UI 5 operating system.

With the launch of the new OS, Samsung has placed a focus on user customizability, with several new features that allow customers to better tailor their devices to their needs.

Lock Screen Customization is being bolstered in a major way, not unlike the update previously announced for Apple devices with iOS 16.

The new update will allow users access to next level customization, allowing them to change not only the wallpaper, but the notification design, clock style and much more. Whilst not a stock feature of Android, many Chinese Android phone brands already have this feature.

Another feature rolling out with One UI 5 is Modes, which allows users to customize different permissions settings depending on what they need at the time. For example, a user could create a “sleep” mode, which would restrict notifications from certain apps, change the theme and more.

Once again, this feature seems to be Apple inspired, working very similarly to the iPhone maker’s ‘Focus Modes’ from iOS 15.

Other features include smart widgets, image text extraction and stacked widgets, as well as all the new features Android 13 has to offer.

On top of that, the company has launched Bixby Text Call, which allows users to answer calls without answering them, by typing messages that are then read out to the caller as Audio. The feature, which works like Google’s Assistant Call Screen, is currently only available in Korean, but will be ready for English speakers early next year.

Samsung’s One UI 5 is due for launch first on the Samsung Galaxy S22 by the end of October, as well as the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 later this year, with older models and A-Series phones getting the features in 2023.

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