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Samsung Tipped To Unveil First Mini-LED TVs 1HY21

Samsung Electronics is reportedly tipped to debut its first mini-LED TVs in the first-half of 2021, which commentators state will offer another rival to OLED TVs.

The next-generation display tech pledges many image advancements, with the range set to encompass multiple price points.

Reported by Taiwanese trade publication, DigiTimes, supply chain sources state Samsung plans to release its first mini LED-TV models next year.

The Korean tech giant reportedly has ambitions to sell around two million mini-LED TVs in its debut year.

According to TWICE, Samsung’s mini-LED TV range is dubbed to have a prominent place within the umbrella of its QLED line-up.

The news follows the release of existing QLED mini-LED TVs, recently launched by the likes of TCL.

The technology harnesses a fusion of mini-LED and QLED technology, and commentators speculate Samsung will pursue a similar approach.

[TCL 6-Series Roku TV (R635)]

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