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Samsung Takes On Dyson With Australia’s Most Powerful Stick Vacuum

Samsung has taken on Dyson with its new ‘POWERstick Pro’, claimed to be the most powerful cordless stick vacuum currently available on the Australian market.

Unveiled at its 2018 Southeast Asia & Oceania Forum today, Samsung states the POWERstick Pro will hit Australian shores in April or May, with local pricing yet to be confirmed.

Featuring 150 watts of “industry leading” suction power, the POWERstick Pro aims to offer thorough, yet versatile, cleaning efficiency on all floor types.

Samsung states the vacuum’s battery pack is designed to retain 80% of its original capacity for up to 500 full “charge and discharge cycles”, with no decrease in battery power for up five years.

Featuring a specialised ‘Turbo Action Brush’, Samsung affirms the product delivers a superior ability to collect pet hairs and dust.

Recognising that battery life is critical for stick vacuums, the POWERstick Pro claims to offer up to 40 minutes of sustained use, from one charge.

Incorporating a patented ergonomic Flex Handle, the vacuum folds to 50-degrees with the click of a button – thereby allowing consumers to better reach under furniture.

[ChannelNews – Samsung Southeast Asia & Oceania Regional Forum]

Samsung Australia Head of Home Appliances, Jeremy Senior, tells ChannelNews the average Australian household will likely own three vacuums in the coming future – one large “bulky” item for localised heavy cleans, a robovac for large spaces, and a stick vacuum for everyday small messes.

The POWERstick Pro also features a ‘one click’ EZClean Dustbin, with an accompanying EZClean Brush.

Samsung affirms its EZClean brush is a significant unique selling point, as it uses friction to dislodge dust and hair tangles, within requiring hands to “get dirty”.

With Hygienic HEPA Filtration, the South Korean company claims the POWERstick Pro ensures 99.9% of dust remains within the canister, thereby aiding with air purification.

Independent global testing institute, SLG, has reportedly given the product’s filtration system its highest level of certification. The British Allergy Foundation has also offered its approval.

Samsung’s POWERstick Pro comes with several vacuum attachments – e.g. a ‘soft action brush’ for hard floors – and in Australia will be sold with the wall mounted charger only.

Roma Christian travelled to Samsung’s Southeast Asia & Oceania Regional Forum 2018 in Italy, as a guest of Samsung Australia.

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