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Samsung Slapped With Legal Claim Over Quantum Dot TVs

Samsung’s 2020 Quantum Dot TV strategy is facing problems after a UK nanotech Company slapped a legal claim on the Korean Company.

British nanotechnology company Nanoco claims that Samsung ‘has wilfully infringed its patents and said it seeks a permanent injunction from “further acts of infringement and significant monetary damages”, Samsung is investigating.

Apparently the two were working together on the development of Quantum Dot up against LG’s OLED when Samsung decided to go it alone.

The patent infringement lawsuit was filed against Samsung Electronics affiliates in a district court in Texas in the USA.

Nanoco, which produces quantum dots that are used to make vibrant screen displays is an unheard-of Company whose technology has never been promoted or linked with Samsung products.

“Historically, the group worked collaboratively with Samsung on developing enhanced quantum dots,” Nanoco’s Chairman Christopher Richards said.

“We were therefore naturally disappointed when Samsung ended the collaboration and launched its QD-based televisions without entering into either a licensing or supply agreement with Nanoco,” he added.

Samsung said in a statement, “We are reviewing the patents cited by Nanoco Technologies and will respond to its claims.”

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