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Samsung Set To Bend Over With A New Magnetic Tablet Feature

I am a big fan of Samsung tablets that are I believe are superior to Apple’s iPad for a number of reasons, including the fact that several of the iPad’s components are actually made by Samsung including the all-important display, now Samsung has a new magnetic tablet trick up their sleeve.

One of the really neat features of an Apple tablet is the magnetic cover that houses the pen. Now Samsung is taking tablet design to a new level with a foldable stand accord to recent patents lodged in the USA and Europe.

While running second behind Apple Samsung believe that they can strip further share away from Apple this year.

Magnets have been a key feature of Samsung tablets especially with their tablet covers, for a while and the introduction of a new Samsung foldable is set to be based on a patented magnetic base plate that allows the display / tablet to operate in multiple modes including as a TV or PC screen.

Another key feature is that the base plate can become a charging plate for a smartphone and other devices when laid flat.

Filed by ‘Samsung Engineers’ as opposed to Samsung Electronics or their consumer division this process is normally used when a Company wants to hide the patent while they work on a manufactured sample.

Apple has been doing this for years.

In the European filing Samsung is shown as the owner of the patent.

How the new tablet will work is that a user can use the lightweight magnetic plate to mount a borderless display device.

Depending on the strength of the magnetics it can also be used to lock the device in place to stop it falling.

A big benefit of this design is when doing a video conference with the built in speakers ideal for streaming, content and video conferencing.

There is also speculation that Samsung is set to release a Windows tablet with the magnetic mount.

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