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Samsung Reveals Revamped ‘Gear 360’ 4K VR Camera

Samsung has revealed next year’s ‘Gear 360’ VR camera, following a patent application to the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service – the 4K capable device now features a ‘playful’ and ergonomic design.

LetsGoDigital first noticed the patent application, which comes after the launch of Samsung’s second Gear 360 camera in March this year.

Looking at the recent patent application, Samsung’s 2018 Gear 360 VR camera is a smart fusion of all prior models – featuring small legs to place the camera down, and added ‘firmness’ to increase durability.

The 2018 model also features a more ergonomic design, seemingly intended to better fit within the hand.

All in all, it seems Samsung has tried to bring the best of both worlds, when revamping the Gear 360’s design.

Accessing video recording remains on the front of the camera, similar to the 2017 model.

The display area which formerly read ‘connected’ is replaced with a large round grey button in the 2018 model.

Commentators speculate Samsung could unveil its new Gear 360 camera at Mobile World Congress early next year.

[Samsung Gear 360 – 2017 Model]

Samsung’s 2017 Gear 360 camera did bare some similarities to its predecessor, however, it removed the ‘paws’ which enabled the camera to be placed down. The device has since been positioned as a more mobile 360 camera, and better suited to holding in a user’s hands.

The 2017 model gave users the ability to ‘join’ images together, to create stunning 4K 360-degree images. The device also featured the capability to stream 360 images live to Facebook, Youtube and Samsung VR.


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