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Samsung OZ ‘Mum’ On Deezer High Fidelity Deal

Last week Samsung released their top end N950 and N850 soundbars in Australia, but there could be more coming for true audio fans with the big Korean Company having recently cut a deal with Deezer to deliver High Fidelity Lossless Audio streaming to Samsung devices.

ChannelNews understands that Samsung is set to include access to Deezer content on most of their devices from TV’s and mobiles to their range of sound systems that are now being engineered in partnership with Harman the major sound Company they aquired last year. What is not understood is why Samsung Australia has chosen to not mention the relatiionship or say which devices play the Deezer offering.

Those with a Deezer HiFi account can listen to over 36 million tracks at 16-Bit/44.1kHz across several of Samsung’s audio systems, There was no mention of this at last weeks launch in Sydney.

For those who own a new Samsung sound system you can now get streaming access to music the way it was originally recorded.

“Providing greater accessibility to FLAC quality sound is really important to us and to all audiophiles who have a greater appreciation for lossless audio,” said Deezer’s vice president of hardware partnerships.

“Teaming up with Samsung allows us to deliver the best quality sound to our consumers who care about high quality sound.”

Deezer HiFi subscribers will be able to access 36 million tracks at 16-Bit/44.1kHz on compatible devices. Deezer HiFi costs $17.99 but is designed to offer CD quality FLAC files, matching the standard of the original master recordings.

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