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Samsung On Course For OLED TV

Samsung is dabbling with OLED TV’s with insiders claiming that the Company could use IFA in Berlin to launch a QD OLED TV that also incorporates their Quantum Dot technology.

Insiders claim that Samsung is on the verge of turning back to OLED TV technology which is being used by LG, Sony and Panasonic as their premium TV technology offering.

Etnews claims that Samsung is developing a new ‘QD-OLED’ TV display technology that allegedly marries the brightness and colour benefits of Quantum Dot technology with the self-emissive lighting, ultra-thin designs, response speed and black level benefits of OLED technology.

John Archer the European based TV reviewer whose reviews often appear in SmartHouse said that it seems that the 146-inch Micro LED ‘Wall’ Samsung displayed at the 2018 CES is just the start of the brand’s self-emissive display ambitions.

It’s believed that Samsung is working on combining two technologies that will enable Samsung to distinguish its backlight-free technology clearly from the OLED TVs.

The new Samsung QD-OLED prototype display apparently use blue OLEDs as their light source instead of the external LED backlights usually associated with Quantum Dot displays.

Red and green colour filters with a Quantum Dot are then placed on top of the blue OLED, resulting in an enhanced self-emitting OLED-type screen with Quantum Dots on hand to boost colour reproduction.

By combing these technologies Samsung has removed the need for an external backlight will make QD-OLED TVs thinner and lighter than current QLED sets, as well as substantially increasing their effective viewing angle before colour and contrast start to reduce.

While Samsung has apparently already made 55-inch and 65-inch prototypes of its new QD-OLED concept screens they’re not quite ready for commercial launch yet due to problems preventing unwanted light escaping from the blue OLED and impacting colour tones. It seems these problems are certainly not considered by any means insurmountable, claim observers.

Etnews claims that Samsung sources said that ‘Samsung does not recognize the current OLED TV technology used by other brands as true OLED TV technology because it uses colour filters and white pixels. We are working to evolve QD-OLED into a new technology that takes advantage of the strengths of Quantum Dot technology and compensates for its drawbacks.’

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