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Samsung May Soon Allow Users to Customize Their Smartphones  

Fans of the Samsung Galaxy Smartphones are in for a treat.

This is because there are suggestions that the tech giant may turn the Galaxy Flip3 smartphones into a “bespoke” version.

Simply put this means that users may soon be able to customise the device to suit their personal needs.

“Our users are multifaceted and live life in so many colourful, interesting, and unique ways,” the South Korean tech giant said in an invite for an upcoming event on October 20.

“As such, the technology they use every day should reflect their individuality.”

The invitation suggested that Samsung would introduce Galaxy mobile devices for individual customisation.

An image included in the invitation showed cubes with different colours from the Bespoke portfolio.

It could mean that the company was likely to choose the Z Flip3 for the customisation option.

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