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Samsung Looks To Kickstart Smartphone Sales With New Note 20 & Galaxy Fold 2

Retailers in Australia are set to benefit from a new product launch period opening up in September with Samsung tipped to roll out both a new Galaxy Fold 2 and a new premium Galaxy Note in the next quarter.

All indications are that several brands including the likes of Microsoft with their new Xbox gaming console are set to use the last two quarter of 2020 to try and stimulate the market with new product launches delayed in the first half due to problems associated with COVID-19.

An image leaked on a Samsung website has given us our first hint of what the new Galaxy Note 20 will look like.

“Looking ahead to the second quarter … the company will continue to offer differentiated products in the premium segment with the launch of new foldable and Note models.”

This suggests the Galaxy Fold 2 might be on its way after the Company launched their new Flip phone in Australia recently.

A new version of the Fold has been on the cards for a while due to the controversy surrounding the original which at one stage was withdrawn from the market.

It’s also expected to cost a considerable amount less than the first one.

The move to kick starts premium smartphone sales comes as some analysts predict a 30%+ fall for smartphone sales in 2020 due to COVID-19 and supply problems in China and Korea.

During the past three months Samsung has been struggling with production issues and setbacks with factories in China and South Korea and they recently flew 400 Korean staff to Vietnam in an effort to streamline production issues.

The anticipation of selling less handsets may mean less will be made.

Samsung is also planning to ride out reduced demand in other ways.

It has plans to expand “5G adoption to mass-market smartphones”, which could mean it will release an affordable 5G phone.

References to mid-market products suggests Samsung may try and rely on the sales of its cheaper phones during global economic worries until more people want to buy its expensive devices.

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