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Samsung & LG Fly In Engineers To Keep Stock Flowing

Samsung has moved to fly in engineers and production specialists in an effort to keep their smartphone plants operational.

The move could impact the supply of Samsung smartphones in Australia after Samsung suspended smartphone production in Gumi, South Korea where their new Flip phone was set to be manufactured, after it discovered that some of its employees working there contracted COVID-19.

The company then proceeded to temporarily shift its production to Vietnam.

At the annual shareholders’ meeting last week, company co-CEO HS Kim warned that while the growth of COVID-19 has begun to slow down in South Korea, its impact on the rest of the world was only just starting.

Now it’s been revealed that both Samsung and LG will send a total of 430 engineers to Vietnam to continue production in an effort to continue to manufacture devices.

To accommodate this the Vietnamese Government has said that these workers will be exempted from Vietnam’s quarantine policy.

Recently the Vietnamese government banned foreign from entering the country.

They suspended visa-free travel for South Koreans and stopped issuing new work visas to control the coronavirus outbreak.

Now the Vietnamese government has moved to exempt Korea’s top two electronics giants in an effort to keep the Korean Companies manufacturing hubs operational.

Samsung is dispatching 180 engineers to work at its OLED plant and LG is sending 250 workers to support the production of smartphones, automotive parts, and home appliances. These personnel will be traveling on a chartered Asiana Airlines flight.

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