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Samsung Leaks: Credible Source Reports S20 Camera Prisms

Initial rumours suggested the upcoming Samsung S20 flagship range will feature telephoto camera capable of 10x optical zoom.

But the most recent evidence suggests otherwise – with Korean reports stating Samsung will opt for prisms for 5x optical zoom.

The optical zooms were built by fellow Korean company Optron-Tec, which had supplied the prisms for the Oppo Reno 10x zoom previously.

The rumours are also confirmed by a tweet from reliable leakster, Ice Universe, stating that the Galaxy S20 Ultra will feature 5x optical zoom and will also offer a pixel cropping mode to reach 10x zoom.

It’s a practical option as the S20 family will use 48MP and 64MP sensors for their zoom cameras – meaning they will have 12MP and 16MP shots post crop.

Samsung is also rumoured to be working on a ‘Space Zoom’ feature that will reach 100x magnification digitally.

According to a report by the Korean publication, The Elec, Optron-Tec makes the prisms, Actro integrates them into 5x zoom modules and Samsung Electro-Mechanics finishes the complete camera module. They then get sent off to Samsung Electronics.

Optron-Tec is also reportedly interested in supplying Huawei and Vivo with prisms as well. It comes as 5x zoom cameras become more popular in future premium smartphones, with manufacturers predicting large growth in both demand and revenue.

But Optron-Tec only creates the components of prisms – with Samsung Electro-Mechanics then building the finished product.

Therefore, Samsung may find it easier to talk with Vivo and sibling companies like Oppo into buying its products than Huawei – a Samsung rival with its own supply chain.

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