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Samsung Leaks: Camera Sensors From Sony

Just days after copious leaks revealed details on the Samsung S20 family, another leak has emerged.

Leakster Ice Universe posted a comprehensive breakdown of the Samsung S20 range image sensor models – set to use a mix of their own sensors as well as Sony sensors.

The main camera on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra will have a 108MP sensor and will use S5KHM1. In an apparent custom version, Samsung’s other 108MP sensor – the one used in the Ziaomi Mi Note 10 – will be the S5KHMX.

Photo: GSMArena

The ultrawide camera will have a 44MP ISOCELL Slim sensor, ½.65-inches with 0.7µm pixels and a Tetra cell filter – Samsung’s supposed take on Quad Bayer.

The telephoto camera gets a Sony IMX586, a 48MP Quad Bayer sensor – 1/2-inches with 0.8µm pixels.

The leaks, supplied by Max Windebach, detailed the Samsung Galaxy S20+ camera modules a few days ago. The new modules are identical to the Galaxy S20 set up, except the addition of a 3D ToF sensor, an IMX516 – the Ultra model will feature the new IMX518 ToF sensor.

But the main camera is exactly where Sony comes in – the Sony IMX555 is a 12MP shooter, said to have large 1.8µm pixels.

(AP Photo/Shuji Kajiyama, File)

The telephoto camera features the S5KGW2 sensor, but there are no official details about this sensor apart from it being related to the 64MP ISOCELL GW1 sensor.

Finally, the ultrawide camera has an S5K2LA sensor with 12MP resolution and although there are no official details about this camera, the S5K2L sensor family ranges from 1.25µm to 1.4µm pixels – depending on the model.

The Sony IMX374 sensor is used by all three Samsung S20 models in the selfie camera. It’s a 10MP sensor with 1.22µm pixels and Dual Pixel AF.

It’s the same module that is also used in the S10 and Note10 phones.

(Photo: Isabel Infantes / EMPICS Entertainment)

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