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Samsung & Huawei Battle To Launch World’s First Triple Foldable Phone

Tipsters are suggesting Samsung could be launching the world’s first triple foldable phone this year.

However, previous rumours revealed Huawei are developing a triple foldable device, which is a foldable phone with two hinges and three main surfaces.

According to one tip, “Samsung will add a triple fold to its lineup this year.”

Huawei have been described as “almost certain to release a triple fold in the second quarter of this year,” whereas the tipster claims Samsung “cannot afford to miss out on the title of ‘world’s first.’”

If the timetable for Huawei is true, Samsung would need to aim for a launch window in the first quarter of this year, or very early in the second quarter.

Huawei was initially tipped to launch a triple foldable last year.

Seeing as it’s February, this would mean a couple months tops to operate.

Samsung has been experimenting with new foldable concepts for years, and at every MWC, there’s a revised prototype revealed.

While the company has the resources and technical shops to be successful, many are wondering if it will risk disrupting its own launch schedule to beat a competitor to the punch.

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