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Samsung Reveal New 2022 TV Range

Samsung Australia has announced a new range of advanced TV’s including a top end 8K QLED 85″ model that will retail for $11,999, this is similar to 2021 launch pricing with management confirming that they have stock and models that will be in stores this month.

Also, in the range that includes some of the best TV technology we have ever seen is a $2,199 65″ 4K model that retails for $2,199.

The new range of Neo QLED and Lifestyle TVs, incorporate a new operating system for better management of streamed content along with the ability to manage other devices in the home via a built in Zigbee management system in select models.

At the heart of the new range is a new Neo Quantum Processor that delivers a new viewing experience due to the incorporation of artificial intelligence software which also delivers a new sound experience especially when incorporated with Samsung’s 2022 new soundbars.

The processor in the new 2022 models is capable of delivering 14-bit HDR mapping for the Quantum Mini LED light technology built into the new models.

This year’s Neo Quantum Processor introduces a new Shape Adaptive Light technology that leverages the Processor’s powerful AI algorithms to analyse lines, shapes and surfaces and control the shape of light from the advanced Quantum Mini LED backlight, maximising the brightness and accuracy of shapes on the screen.

Samsung management describe the new top end models as delivering the most accurate image ever produced on a Samsung TV.

Samsung’s 2022 Neo QLED also features a Real Depth Enhancer, a multi-intelligence picture quality algorithm that creates a great sense of realism by determining and processing an object on the screen against its background to create a sense of depth.

The sound of the QLED TVs has also been upgraded, with the surround sound speakers now supporting Dolby Atmos technology.

Object Tracking Sound functionality has also been added, so the direction of sound mirrors the image on the screen for a more immersive experience.

Available screen sizes range from 43″ to 85″

Some devices have [email protected] available, plus Motion Xcelerator technology and a low input lag for an enhanced gaming experience.

There will also be a dedicated Samsung Gaming Hub and a Cloud gaming integration.

The TV comes with an HDMI 2.1 port and a built-in Smart Hub to connect with other smart gadgets.


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