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Multitasking Debuts On Galaxy Tab S8 With Android 12L

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 has started to receive Android 12L, making it the first in the company’s device range to do so.

Android 12L brings with it new features designed to improve functionality on devices with bigger screens. The new two-column layout improves multi-tasking, allowing users to view two screens at once, simply by dragging apps from the new taskbar onto the screen. Users are also able to switch between full-screen and split screen with a two-finger action.

Samsung’s skin of the new OS, One UI 4.1.1, adds a new way to set custom backgrounds for callers and an improved search in the My Files app that allows users to look for info within documents.

Currently One UI 4.1.1, is only available for users in Europe and South Korea with the Galaxy Tab S8 but will make it’s way to other regions and models in the future. This version of One UI came with the company’s new Galaxy Z Fold4 and Flip4 out of the box .

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