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Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G: Best-Seller

Samsung’s Galaxy S20+ 5G has become the best-selling 5G smartphone for Q1 in the United States, with commentators expecting similar results locally based on market penetration.

The news follows reports from research firm Strategy Analytics, revealing the S20+ 5G notched 3.4 million unit sales in Q1 within the US – snaring market share of 40%.

“Among the 5G segment, Samsung took all three of the top 3 positions in the US in Q1 2020,” says Strategy Analytics Executive Director, Neil Mawston.

“Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G is the number one bestselling 5G smartphone model and accounted for a healthy 40 percent share of all 5G smartphones shipped in the US during the quarter.”

In Australia, it follows reports 5G flagship smartphones from the likes of Oppo have struggled to make ground on retail shelves.

Apple is also yet to debut its 5G smartphones – tipped to occur with this year’s iPhone 12 series – which commentators claim could threaten Samsung’s dominance in the 5G space.

According to latest numbers, 5G phones accounted for 12% of the phone market in the United States – up from 0% in Q1 2019.

“Samsung and others must rapidly expand their 5G presence during the upcoming summer period, and grab as many 5G customers as they can, before the iPhone juggernaut lands in Q3 or Q4 2020,” adds Associate Director, Juha Winter.

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