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Samsung Galaxy S10, More Pre Order Customers Are Former iPhone Fans

Apple could be facing a serious iPhone crisis with retailers and carriers reporting that pre orders for the new Samsung’s Galaxy S10 has not only “exceeded” expectations but a “larger than normal” number of the people who have placed orders are former Apple iPhone customers.

According to Telstra store sources Samsung’s Galaxy S10 is proving popular with iPhone owners “in particular iPhone 7 and iPhone 8” customers because it is seen as a technologically superior smartphone.

Consumer electronics retailers that ChannelNews has spoken to believe that “this is the device” that is delivering for iPhone users a “reason to jump ship”.

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The problem is not isolated to Australia. The New York Post recently reported that the Samsung Galaxy S10 in particular the S10+ model is the Android phone to beat due to its inclusion of a fingerprint reader, incredible display and all-important headphone jack, “it’s also the best option for customers who feel that Apple has left its customers behind” they reported.

The same sentiment is happening across Europe and in the UK with media organisations reporting a ground swell against the “inferiority” of today overpriced Apple iPhones.

What Apple users like is the battery life with battery extender manufacturers such as Cygnett reporting that the biggest demand is coming from iPhone users.

iPhone owners also like the new Samsung 6.1-inch Infinity Display which even at half brightness, delivers bright vibrant colours that appear to jump off the screen. Video’s look significantly superior with the new S10 display.

Samsung has also delivered an edge to edge display devoid of a notch.

The biggest drawcard for iPhone owners is the superior Samsung S10 camera that’s getting “rave reviews” from most of the worlds smartphone reviewers. The new S10 comes equipped with not one, but three cameras and when we compared it to a $999 Sony Cybershot camera the S10 delivered superior camera capabilities.

The 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens works a dream as these pictures show. The front-facing camera is now housed in a small, circular cut-out area in the corner of the screen Vs the large notches found on the latest iPhones.

The telephoto and wide-angle lenses captures a field of view that just isn’t possible with the other cameras.

Another advantage

Another advantage over the latest Apple offering is the razor-thin bezel separating it from the sides of the device.

At SmartHouse and ChannelNews we found the fingerprint sensor — a feature that has now been wiped from Apple’s newest devices a standout. It took longer to set up, but it worked a dream.

For music lovers Samsung has kept the 3.5-mm jack on the bottom of the device which is also appealing to iPhone owners who don’t want “dorky” white buds sticking out of their ears.

The design allows users to pug in headphones without buying dongles and adapters while also being able to Bluetooth the latest noise cancelling buds.

Apple iPhone customers who have had to put up with Apple stripping away their popular home button, Touch ID and headphone jack, the S10 is the perfect upgrade to Android.

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