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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Tipped To Come In Two Sizes

Following the launch of the Galaxy S10 range with four devices of various screen sizes, Samsung is tipped to launch the Galaxy Note 10 with two screen sizes this year.

ETNews reports that the Note 10 will be offered in two different sizes with 5G versions of the two sizes available as well.

According to the report, the device will come in 6.28-inch and 6.75-inch sizes — only a half inch in the difference with the larger version similar to the S10 5G model rumoured to be opening preorders for soon.

The report suggests that that 5G version of the device might have a rear four-camera setup, again similar to the S10 5G.

It seems unlike Samsung to shake up the Note in this way and put out two different display choices. But if you’ve been clamouring for even more screen real estate than what the Note 9 can offer, maybe a 6.75-inch Note 10 can up your productivity game even more. If history is any indication, Samsung will announce the Galaxy Note 10 sometime this August.

 If the report proves accurate the total number of premium Galaxy phones released in 2019 will be seven, or nine if the 5G versions are correct.

Samsung has not confirmed the Note 10, but as the company has been releasing a version of the phone every year since 2011, it’s likely we will see the device launch in August.

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