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Samsung Galaxy Buds App Crashes, Fix Coming

Last week strange things started to happen with my Galaxy Tablet, with several alerts popping up telling me that my Galaxy Buds app had crashed, I was also unable to attach my Galaxy Buds to the device at one stage.

On the third occasion that the error message appeared I removed Galaxy Buds app only for the problem to reappear.

A search of forums revealed I was not alone with owners of the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Pro also reporting problems.

Complaints about the Galaxy Buds apps crashing can be found on Samsung’s customer forums and on Reddit relating to both the regular and Pro models.

The issues also come up when the Buds are not in use.

A Samsung moderator on one forum claims that that an update is set to be posted that will fix the problem.

They advise that the latest version of the app (Galaxy Buds version 4.1.22051251) could be reinstalled on a Samsung device in an effort to fix the problem.

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