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Samsung Win Big With iPhone 8 Display

Following its decision to focus on smaller smartphone-sized OLED screens, Samsung is set to win big and reap large rewards next week, when Apple unveils its newest iPhone fitted with Samsung OLED display.

The South Korean giant holds a 97% market share in the OLED smartphone display market, estimated to be worth US$25 billion.

Since the birth of its popular Galaxy series of mobile phones, demand for smaller OLEDs has skyrocketed. The company first featured the display in 2009, however, made major strides with the Samsung S6 Edge. It featured curved edges and demonstrated to consumers that wide screens could still be attributed to thinner phones.

Analyst at Counterpoint Research, Tom Kang, speaks of the difference between OLED and iPhone utilised LED displays:

“OLEDs really started getting noticed when the phone’s external design changed. This is something that LCDs can never do”.

Whilst Samsung continues to charge ahead, a sharp investment drive underpinned by strong demand sees other companies raring to catch up.

Thus far, Chinese-based BOE Technology Group has spent at least US$17.7 billion to ramp up OLED production. Analysts predict the company will be the largest global display manufacturer (by volume) by 2019, though is likely to still lag behind Samsung for smaller OLEDs.

LG Display has come out as an emerging rival to Samsung in this space. The company currently boasts a monopoly in larger OLEDs, suitable for TVs. Though, IHS Markit state this market represented less than 1% of smartphone display shipments.

Reports state both Samsung and LG saw the potential in OLED display in 2013, however, both companies took a different approach – LG focused on large screens, whilst Samsung focused on smaller.

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