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Samsung S22, Direct Pre Order Numbers Revealed

Samsung Electronics Australia has refused to talk about market share or the success of their new Galaxy S22 range of smartphones.

This is despite other Samsung subsidiaries openly talking about the success of their sell in and pre sell out programs for their new smartphone offering.

Samsung who are opening more direct sell stores in markets such as Taiwan and expanding their online operations around the world including Australia, claim that in a market such as Taiwan they are expecting a 20% lift in sales following the release of the new Galaxy S22 range.

Samsung Taiwan vice president Jacob Chen claims that the South Korean business has achieved “Robust sales” following two weeks of pre-orders.

He said that orders through Samsung’s direct sell channels have more than tripled relative to the same time in 2021 which was a peak COVID 19 period.

In the first two days after the pre-order campaign was launched, Chen said, that Galaxy smartphone phone sales through telecom channels have grown 150%.

He claims that the robust sales could be attributed to product upgrades such as the top-of-the-line S22 Ultra model which for the first time is bundled with the S Pen.

Samsung management estimate that the S22 Ultra would make up 54% of their new phone sales, but the pre order ratio hit 60% pretty quickly.

Samsung Australia who categorically refuses to say how much pre order sales were up in Australia have spent millions marketing their new smartphone product range.

In Taiwan Chen said Chen said that pre order sales of which many are going direct the ratio could reach 72-75% if the company did not impose a limit on orders.

The other models, including the S22 and S22+, made up 15% and 25% respectively of the pre-orders, he said.

Samsung owns 53 physical stores in Taiwan, which contribute about 7.5% of its total sales with the business openly admitting that they want to generate more sales directly.

As a result, Samsung is expanding their Company owned stores to 70 this year which they claim will make up 10% of total sales.

The Company said that sales generated directly through Samsung physical stores and online channels could grow from the current 15% to 20% in the future.

Research from January 2022, reveals that Apple holds 42.6% of smartphone sales in Taiwan, followed by Samsung (23.6%), the rest is held by Chinese brands.

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