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Samsung Delays Note7 Shipments After Users Report Exploding Batteries

Samsung’s acclaimed Note7 may have hit its first post-launch stumbling block, courtesy of a potentially dangerous technical defect.

As a result, Australian buyers still waiting to get their hands on a unit may be faced with further delays after the company announced incoming shipments will be delayed in order to perform further quality control tests on the device.

The news comes in the wake of several reports by South Korean Note7 users of the smartphone’s battery catching fire and exploding.

Speculation around the incidents has already led some to highlight the USB-C port as a potential culprit.

USB-C is capable of delivering much faster recharge times than MicroUSB but the increased amount of power running through the cable has the potential to become dangerous.

The USB Implementers Forum recently began running a compliance program for the cable-type as a result.

It’s unknown at this time whether these exploding batteries are a model-wide issue or an isolated case.

However, the Note7 does use slightly different battery components across different territories – which means the problem could be somewhat contained.

More to come.

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