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Samsung Brings MicroLED To Consumer TVs

Samsung is bringing microLED TVs to the consumer market with a new 110” model.

Following on from its 2018 microLED display for the commercial sector, “The Wall”, the new consumer model will ditch the modular design for a traditional prefabricated TV.

Powered by a Micro AI processor, the TV offers 4K HDR resolution with eight million pixels and a 99.99 per cent screen to body ratio. Unlike conventional displays, which need backlights and colour filters, the microLEDs are self-illuminating. Samsung boasts that it can produce 100 per cent of the DCI and Adobe RGB colour gamut, and has a lifespan of over a decade.

According to Jonghee Han, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, the 110” microLED TV will offer vibrant colours and brightness on an ultra-large display.

“As consumers rely on their televisions for more functions than ever, we are incredibly excited to bring the 110” MicroLED to the commercial market.

“Samsung MicroLED is going to redefine what premium at-home experiences mean for consumers around the world,” said Han.

The TVs will ship with smart TV features including four-way split screen, and will incorporate 5.1-channel audio with no external speaker. Its Object Tracking Sound Pro functionality will also project sound to follow on-screen action.

The new MicroLED TV will be available worldwide from next year.

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