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Samsung Australia Galaxy Note7 Recall Extended

Samsung Australia has today advised that it is extending its current recall of Galaxy Note7 smartphones to all Galaxy Note7s in Australia, including those provided as replacement devices.

Samsung stated that the decision was made “as a precautionary measure following an announcement by Samsung Electronics advising that it had stopped production of Galaxy Note7 smartphones for the benefit of consumer safety”.

Customers who have a Galaxy Note7, both an original device purchased before September 5 or a replacement, should power down their phone and contact their original place of purchase, Samsung advised.

“Samsung Australia is working with its operator and retail partners to ensure all customers can receive an exchange – including a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge – or full refund for their Galaxy Note7,” Samsung stated.

Customers should back-up their data and complete a factory reset to delete personal information before returning their Note7, Samsung advised.

“The safety of our customers is our first priority, which is why we are taking this further step and extending the current recall to all Galaxy Note7 devices, including replacement Galaxy Note7 devices,” Richard Fink, Samsung Electronics Australia vice president IT & mobile, commented.

“We know our Galaxy Note customers are among our most loyal customers and we sincerely apologise to them.”

Galaxy Note7 owners should visit the place of purchase of their device, or call Samsung customer service on 1300 362 603, or visit here.

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