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Samsung And Apple Fined For Slowing Down Phones

An anti-trust watchdog group, Italian Authority for Market and Competition, has issued Samsung and Apple a €5 million fine each ( approx. $5.7 million), following complaints from users that they used software updates to slow down their mobile phones. Apple was hit with an additional €5 million fine for failing to inform device owners how to maintain or replace batteries.

SamMobile, reported Samsung denied slowing down phones when Apple was first hit with a fine last year, in the “Batterygate,” but after an investigation by an anti-trust watchdog group in Italy, the group found that Apple and Samsung both “had caused serious dysfunctions and reduced performance significantly, thereby accelerating the process of replacing them.”

It added the two smartphone giants had not provided clients with enough clear information on how the new software updates would affect their devices “or any means of restoring the original functionality of the products.”

Apple admitted that their iPhone software had the effect of slowing down some phones resulting battery problems, last year, but has consistently denied it had done this intentionally to encourage users to upgrade to a newer model. Although that was the result.

Samsung’s software updates for its phones have not previously been questioned, and they vehemently denied intentionally slowing down devices with “Batterygate” was in full swing.

Although, as a Redditor suggested, the amount is “chump change to a company like Samsung”, and indeed it is to Apple as well, it does set a legal precedent.

Samsung has yet to issue a statement on the fine.

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