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Running Fable Gets Release Date for Xbox & Nintendo Switch

Seashell Studio has announced ‘Running Fable’ finally has a launch date!

The cross platform, adrenaline fueled, multiplayer racing strategy game is set to hit Xbox and Nintendo Switch on August 9th.

“At Seashell Studio we are thrilled to be just a few days away from launching Running Fable on the Nintendo and Xbox. This will let more players enjoy the experience of racing, trolling, and flimflam their friends across multiple platforms. You know what they say, the more, the merrier!”

Presenting a new take on the racing genre, ‘Running Fable’ combines adrenaline from high speed racing with strategy game tactics, where gamers will be able to strategically place items/traps over the map transforming the racetrack before the rally, and tricking opponents.

A family-friendly game that allows up to 10 players of all ages and backgrounds. First launched on Steam, the Xbox and Nintendo Switch releases will present no limitations.

Users can compete with people across the world and watch their score on global leaderboards through crossplay integration.

See below more features for ‘Running Fable’:

  • Real-time item placement
  • Race to the trophy
  • Trophy Points + Trap Points = Round Score
  • Customizable characters –  With up to 40 different customisation options.

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